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I think I just sold 4-5 trigger jobs and possibly another gun for Rich. :) If you suddenly get a bunch of business from Dayton/Cincy, I want a cut. :)

Took the new gun to the local match tonight. Before shooting, I had both my bone stock 2200 round tactical there and the new one. People kept coming by and ooing and ahhhing, and even a few Glockers who've put down the XD were more than a bit impressed, and then I let them pick it up. It was almost funny watching that smile of appreciation of a job well done as people lined up and pulled my stock trigger then the Canyon Creek one. Even the one single stack guy that picked it up was mighty impressed.

As promised, first round downrange was under time, and it was nearly an AD (course rules, no ND/AD arguments here). I was on target and was still extending and put my finger on the trigger to take up the pretravel, and BANG, oh yeah it's not really there anymore.

First four targets were clothed so I couldn't verify shot placement, followed by 5 plates which i cleared w/ 6 shots. Wow so smooth. It actually got me into a bit of trouble as it threw off my normal rhythm and I was sqeezing rounds off earlier than I was used to. By the third and final stage, I was getting pretty comfortable with it.

I was using a new to me ammo as well. 124 gr Geco, and it cycled the action smooth as butter with incredibly little perceived recoil. Don't know yet how I place in class, but finished mid pack overall. Down slightly from my normal top 1/3 placement, but I had 1 friendly fire incident and 2 target misses. I'm sure I will get better as I get used to the new gun, but all I can say is WOW, I am truly impressed in how it felt/handled and shot. I even keyholed shots on 3 targets tonight. I rarely get that one one target in a night, let alone 3.

Thanks Rich
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