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Nothing like the Bang and Clang sound of shooting steel targets. :D :D

Copied from Bruce Warren at TSL:

Next I would like to invite all you handgun shooters to the First of what we hope will be many more---BIG DAWGS STEEL MATCH.
This match is being help in Lowell, Iowa on July 30 & 31. If you are tired of running, jumping, or flopping on the ground like a fish, this match might be right up your alley. The match is 15 stages of falling steel. You shoot each stage 4 times for a total time for that stage. No throw out times. They all count. This is fired from a shooter standing in a shooters box and drawn from a holster. Each stage is 6 targets so wheelgunners can compete too.
For more info you can download an entry form and match info from my web site
Look for the Big Dawg icon.
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