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For those of you in or around Los Angeles and interested in starting tactical training, I am looking for three more people to help share the cost for a private lesson with Scott Reitz of ITTS.

I really want to make the class he is offering for Defensive Handgun II on July 30th, but the prereq for the class is having already taken the first class. So, I am hoping to bring the cost of the private lesson down by including more people in the private class.

The class will be Defensive Handgun I ITTS Courses : Defensive Handgun I

Need three more people.

Cost is 375.00 per person.

Six hours of training on a weekday and personally instructed by Scott Reitz.

The Date that I am looking for is any weekday before July 30th. Obviously the date would be dependent on availability of those interested.


If you are 100% interested and committed, please reply with the dates that would work for you. Any weekday between July 21st and July 30th.


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