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Hey ya'll,
Took my brother to the NF range today so he could try out his new to him Glock 26 (no hatin' plz, he got a great deal on it from my ret cop buddy). I brought my XDSC40, Kahr CM9 and my T/C Icon .308 for some practice for deer season later this year.
First of all, I enjoy shooting my CM9 and carry it daily but my XD is still my first love for shooting fun. Not bragging or anything, but it was pretty cool being able to tag the 100yd rifle target a few times. Just a good shooter.
Bro got used to the Glock after awhile and put about 250rds through it.
All in all a good time, yet there's always something...
Some folks show up and setup a few benches over. Totin what looks like an AK47 but different (I'm no expert, but that's what it looked like). I hear some fiddlin, talking, then BOOM. I hear some cussing, look over and find out that the rifle had what they called a "slam fire." Anyone know what this is? They said they had bought it from a pawn shop and were concerned the previous owner had modified it for full auto....
All I can say is it's a good thing it was pointed downrange. This is why we have gun safety rules. :shock:
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