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Would you buy a removeable compensator for the XD

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Interested in a compensator for the XD? *PICS* Plus Contest!

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A design is in the works, and a prototype has been made, for a compensator that requires no barrel modification, has a unique mounting method that requires no permanent modification to the XD, would be user removeable, work on either 4 or 5 inch models. just would like to get an indication of how popular this would be with the group, and if interested, get a concensus as to were a reasonable price could be set. it would add weight to the front of the gun, reduce muzzle flip considerably, and not interfer or permanently alter any of the guns functions. i cant post any pictures at this point, nor can i elaborate quite yet on the mounting method. but let me say....it looks very sweet on the gun, is incredibly easy to both put on and remove, and from the looks of things is incredibly efficient in reducing muzzle flip.
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I would be interedted in such a product if it was affordable, woked well, and was able to be removed easily.
Sorry for the horrible typing in my last reply... I have no skill in typing.

Just for sh!ts and giggles, I am gonna take a stab at how this thing fastens to the XD. I imagine it could slide on over the tactical rail, and be further retained to the frame by using some of the pre-existing holes for the pins that hold the locking block into the frame (with longer pins though). Like I said, this is just a wild stab in the dark.
wooohooo! Cause I kinda guessed, can I get a free one? :D I would not mind being a product guinee pig!
Anyways, it sounds like it would look pretty nice on the gun. And I like the idea of the XD keeping its stock profile. With the way you have it planned, it'll fit nicely into my tactical thigh holster.
But like I said, if its priced right or not is what will really be the determining factor in if I purchase it or not. If you can keep the costs down...
Anyways, good luck and I can't wait to see the finished product!

(By the way, I am jealous, this is the kinda stuff I should be doing with my degree!)
is teh comp still open? I will give a photshopped rendition a try this weekend if it is.
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