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Would you buy a removeable compensator for the XD

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Interested in a compensator for the XD? *PICS* Plus Contest!

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A design is in the works, and a prototype has been made, for a compensator that requires no barrel modification, has a unique mounting method that requires no permanent modification to the XD, would be user removeable, work on either 4 or 5 inch models. just would like to get an indication of how popular this would be with the group, and if interested, get a concensus as to were a reasonable price could be set. it would add weight to the front of the gun, reduce muzzle flip considerably, and not interfer or permanently alter any of the guns functions. i cant post any pictures at this point, nor can i elaborate quite yet on the mounting method. but let me say....it looks very sweet on the gun, is incredibly easy to both put on and remove, and from the looks of things is incredibly efficient in reducing muzzle flip.
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nope it is not only a weight, it also creates a porting effect by expelling gases upward. it requires no change of barrel. when design refined, should be user installed or removed with no special tools in less than 30 minutes.
ok after consulting with everyone who is involved with me on this, we have decided to give a few more details, as we have taken the proper legal considerations to protect the design. the compensator, as many have spectulated im sure, attaches via the frame tactical rails, AND to the guide rod. design allowing, the unit will have its own rails so that a light and laser could still be utilized. we early on ruled out attaching to frame via pins, as we want to maintain the same profile as the rest of the XD. this will allow for the same holsters to be used, granted that lenght is not a factor with the holster. as things stand now, the service model with the compensator attached will work in any 5" tactical holster, and the 5 " will work with any open ended holster. from the looks of things, we are going to be gearing this towards the people who participate in IDPA and IPSC, not just the standard owner. not everyone needs help with recoil, but it will be a boon for those who shoot often and with the snappier calibers. as to the issue of flash at night, we are experimenting with various ways of both minimizing flash and report., utilizing different port widths and angles, and looking into the viability of expansion chamber designs to retard and slow down the expansion of the gases. we are currently investigating were the legal line between compensator and suppressor lies and the will determine in part the design. we are trying to make the unit as light and small as feasible possible, while maintaining the durability and precision necessary to function properly.
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well, cant say what the price is going to be yet, as we havent decided on the final material it will be made from, BUT we of course want to keep the price as low as we can. i am truly hoping that we will be able to keep it under the price of a new barrel. so prolly going to be in the 100-150 range. *hopefully* may be a little more. i have just about zero knowledge of IDPA IPSC rules, so if anyone can help with that, id love to know. id hate to release a product that was too large or too heavy by a mm or oz. im trying to get a picture released ASAP, currently doing a photoshop mock up of what we hope the final design to look like. current prototype is not exactly pretty, just for testing purposes. but the good news is that it works like a champ right now.
ScottQ said:
I would agree with mullanman 100%. Any sort of comp would have to be barrel mounted, if it's to be remotely useful. A rail mounted comp would be little more than eye candy, I would think.

gentlemen, thats why we are making it not only rail mounted, but guiderod mounted as well. the main allignment issues are handled by the positioning via the guiderod, the rail mounting is for better stability. we havent gotten everything worked out yet, and i know everyone wants to see a finished product, and will second guess and critizie until they do, but my reason for bringing it up on this forum was to gauge the interest in the product itself.
um MCB, who have you been talking to......lol thats not far off, except that the barrel wouldnt extend beyond the end, none of the 3 vertical cutout on the bottom. , other than that not bad at all
ok mcb has given me a great idea...... for all you photoshoppers out there, give us your best renditions on how you would want the compensator to look like. best design wins a free compensator when they come out. only parameters :
1. must not extend more than 1.5 inches past muzzle of pistol
2. must not extend above the top of the slide.
3. must not extend below the bottom of rails more than .25 of an inch

other than that...have at it boys and may the best looking pistol win.

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looking good guys, keep the designs coming, remember, best design gets a FREE COMPENSATOR
Snake-eater 1 said:
A few years ago, when the first rail-equipped Glocks hit the market, some guys figured out how to cleverly mount weights to the front of the gun on the rails. The idea was to increse front end weight and reduce muzzle flip. It worked for awhile--until the rails were ripped right off the gun.
Don't know if this problem will present itself in your design or not, offered only as a point for consideration.
thank you very much for the insite, you are quit right, we had heard about that having happened, and we took it into consideration. also why we decideded to go with the guide rod mounting as well. we are concerned about stresses to the gun. and we are running tests to see just how much forces are going to be applied and to what areas. there maybe a need to go to a heavier washer for the guiderod, or perhaps even go with a bushing system. this is very much in the R&D phase, yet we do have a working prototype. i may have been a little premature with bringing this to the forums attention, as we are far from a finished product, but i was just so excited about it and wanted to see what everyone reactions to the concept were. just to dispell any other questions, right now we are only working with the 9mm. we do plan to make it so that it can be used on any
of the XD's, but at this point we are only testing with 9mm. things are going extremely well with that. we have yet to test with .40 or 357 sig., but from all indications, the unit should be more than durable with those rounds as well. as to marring the finish, there should be little to no worry there, the unit comes close to the muzzle and slide......very close, but will not contact it at any point during recoil.
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very much appreciated.....i do like the idea of the flash suppresor...but alas it is illegal for us californians to possess a threaded barrel.
yes competiton is more than open! and will be so until release of the comp. have at it boys.
because if you look at most holster designs, the trigger and trigger guad have a very narrow channel on purpose to make sure nothing can engage the trigger while the pistol is inside the holster. we are trying to keep the profile of the compensator as low as possible so that there is a likely hood that it will fit in most holster designs. Really appreciate the question however, it was something we had given consideration to. if you would like, photoshop a rendition of it and we'll give it due thought if you can make it look good. FYI gentlemen, there is no limit to howmany times you may enter this contest.....however when we are selecting pictures for the winner, if we determine that one picture looks significantly similar in shape and design with similar looks to it, the picture that was posted first will get consideration for the prize and the other may not. so make sure your designs are individualistic to some extent
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