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Would you buy a removeable compensator for the XD

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Interested in a compensator for the XD? *PICS* Plus Contest!

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A design is in the works, and a prototype has been made, for a compensator that requires no barrel modification, has a unique mounting method that requires no permanent modification to the XD, would be user removeable, work on either 4 or 5 inch models. just would like to get an indication of how popular this would be with the group, and if interested, get a concensus as to were a reasonable price could be set. it would add weight to the front of the gun, reduce muzzle flip considerably, and not interfer or permanently alter any of the guns functions. i cant post any pictures at this point, nor can i elaborate quite yet on the mounting method. but let me say....it looks very sweet on the gun, is incredibly easy to both put on and remove, and from the looks of things is incredibly efficient in reducing muzzle flip.
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I hate this behind the scenes wetwork. What's all that secrecy about?!

And, by compensator, do you mean... a weight?
Compensator > Porting, right?

The XD40V10 has considerably less muzzle flip than the XD40. The XD40 kicks straight up and stays there. The V10 probably kicks 1/2 to 3/4's of the way up, and gets pushed back down.

A compensator that has that effect as well as the added weight seems like it would have to be at least as effective.

Shooting WWB through my XD40V10, as opposed to shooting it without a ported barrel in the same exact gun, was quite an eye opener. Of course, Snake-Eyes' handloads in his unported with DGR felt almost exactly the same as WWB in my ported with DGR. But man, you can definitely tell a different shooting WWB in a ported vs. unported.
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