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I shot my new Bitone XD-9 4" Service pistol for the first time this afternoon. It functioned flawlessly with the intial 75 total rounds of Blazer Brass, Speer Lawman, UMC, Cor-bon (124gr +P) and GoldDot (124gr +P). It may just be me, but the XD seemed to produce greater felt recoil than my comparable Glock 19 even with the UMC ammo. But, I didn't have the G19 with me to compare. I found myself flinching in anticipation of recoil and shooting low today for some reason.

Nevertheless, I really like the XD-9! I was able to make some great shots and produce great groups when I did my part. No FTFs or FTEs. The Corbon and GoldDot jhps have very different bullet profiles but both fed flawlessly. The shell casings landed a comfortable distance away from me ( ie, none in the face unlike my Springfield GI .45)

Shooting the XD-9 was like shooting my other handguns. The striker status and loaded chamber indicators didn’t make a difference today at the range, but if I was ever unsure of the status or in a bad situation I would be glad they were there. I really like the grip safety. I feel safer with it. I have never felt comfortable carrying my Glocks with a round in the chamber. The grip safety eases that concern a little and doesn’t affect handling.

The XD-9 Service is making my Glock 19 lose favor. I thought I would never find a handgun that could take its place.

What I favor about the XD so far: (compared to my G19)
Additional nonobtrusive safety features
More comfortable grip – my pinky doesn’t hang off
Slightly better grip angle
Larger front slide rails
Stainless slide from the factory – smooth and well machined
Smooth stainless magazines
Front slide serrations
Steel three dot sights
Polymer seems thicker in some areas
Easier take down (not much)
Usable slide release
Slightly lighter, smoother trigger pull
Equal initial range test reliability with five brands of FMJ and JHP (+P) ammo

Things that I don’t favor about the XD so far:
Barrel finish
Slightly bigger, blockier than G19 – a little harder to conceal?
Polymer rear slide rails – I’m sure this isn’t really and issue since Ruger slide rails are all polymer (I think)

I bought this pistol for $375 used from a local pawn shop. It was marked “used” but looked to be in new condition. When I got it home and examined it closely, it was clear that it was actually new and had not been shot other than tested at the factory. Someone bought it at a local gun store and pawned it before firing. New ones run $499 at the same pawn shop. I am blessed. It is a keeper.

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Great summary of the benefits of the XD-9 Bi-tone. I love mine too although I didn't get the deal you did.

I've put 250 rounds of WWB 115gr FMJ through mine in addition to several of the ammo loads you shot. My results were the same; 100% reliabiliy. That is my first criterion for any self defense pistol.

For me, the major selling points over the Glock were the ergonomics, sights and life time warranty.
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