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I'm so Sad.....

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I sold my XD Service to fund a new Tactical. Got what I asked for it and went right to The Nations Gun Show yesterday to find my Tactical. Found exactly what I wanted for a great price. So why I am I sad you ask? Because my damn NCIS was delayed!!!!!! The absolute inefficiency of this just overwhelms me. I have purchased four other firearms over the last year without a hitch. I have a Concealed Weapons Permit for christ sake! How is it that this little fact isn't in the system somewhere? Our great tax dollars at work. I can't understand the randomness of this system. Meanwhile the obvious derelict next to me buying 2 glocks for someone else, easily determined by the conversation he was having on his cell phone, walks out in 15 minutes packing. Pissed just doesn't cover it. Now I may have to wait up to 3 days to hear back.

Thanks for reading my rant.
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It really is too bad that you got stuck in "the system"....it happens and is never fun when it affects you.

We all empathize with your plight. Very frustrating to buy a gun and not be able to take it with you. But soon you will have it in your possession and this will be a distant memory. You'll be enjoying your new XD and that's that.

The inefficiency of the government and their agencies is pretty much laughable.

Keep in mind, it could be far worse. Guys in the military ("hurry up and wait") have their entire lives hung up over snafus like this. So you have to wait a few extra days to get a gun. We have American soldiers that get their orders messed up and end up spending time in places like Iraq or Afghanistan rather than at home with their loved ones. Sometimes they never get home....all because of a clerical error!

I won't tell you to consider yourself "lucky"...I will tell you to keep in mind things could be a lot worse. And are a lot worse for others.

You WILL get your gun soon enough. I will be worth the wait!

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