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About 6mo ago I got my XD40 Sub Compact 3" barrel so I wouldn't have to carry the Kimber SPCII 45ACP all the time.

I wanted a good SD bullet with low muz flash and started working up loads with what I already had, bulk buy Winchester 180gr JHP.

I wanted at least 950fps to 980fps with the 180 so it would be an effective stopping round based on the various reports from the FBI and test data from TacticalFirearmsInstitute.

With the relatively new Viht powders I am quite impressed with a final load with 180gr Gold Dots at 975-980fps and a 99% all powder burnt in that short 3" barrel without exceeding max SAAMI 35000 psi pressures and failproof functioning.

I did, as with all my handguns, re-polish the ramp and breech area.
Sure is nice to have the firepower of my Duty sized SW4006 40SW auto in a little package like the XD40, and an xtra round to boot, 12+1 with the extended mag if needed.
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