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I'm getting hit on the head!

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I did a search for this and perhaps I didn't phrase it correctly since I got over 1100 results, none of which applied to what I wanted, so I'm going to ask it here. Whew!

Ok, I went to the range last week and fired my XD subbie 9 and my Beretta 92f using some factory reloads that I purchased from a recent gun show. When I say factory, I don't mean Winchester, Remington, etc., I mean the company at the gun show which reloads their own using Winchester brass and does so by the tens of thousands. Of course, I don't know if that makes it good. I bought 1K rounds.

When I shot the Beretta I had no problems. When I shot the XD, the brass was landing on my right arm, right shoulder and head (I'm lefty if that means anything). I don't recall that happening with the white box I bought from Wallyworld. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks.
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Weaar a ball cap.

I did find that shooting the round I use for carry yields more consistent resutls. Federal 147 gr. JHP. These pretty much throw to the right, and I can find 9 of 10 inside a 2' area. Unfortunately, I don't shoot large amounts of that ammo, because it is expensive.. Mostly these days I shoot Remington UMC 115 gr. FMJ.. and those bad boys are all over the place! I found that a ball cap prevents most rounds from getting down my shirt!

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