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I'm getting hit on the head!

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I did a search for this and perhaps I didn't phrase it correctly since I got over 1100 results, none of which applied to what I wanted, so I'm going to ask it here. Whew!

Ok, I went to the range last week and fired my XD subbie 9 and my Beretta 92f using some factory reloads that I purchased from a recent gun show. When I say factory, I don't mean Winchester, Remington, etc., I mean the company at the gun show which reloads their own using Winchester brass and does so by the tens of thousands. Of course, I don't know if that makes it good. I bought 1K rounds.

When I shot the Beretta I had no problems. When I shot the XD, the brass was landing on my right arm, right shoulder and head (I'm lefty if that means anything). I don't recall that happening with the white box I bought from Wallyworld. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks.
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After my share of burns and some real close calls (ever get a hot empty trapped between your eyeglass lens and your eyelid, I have), I found a solution. Wear long sleeve shirts to the range. Many manufacturers sell nice long sleeved shooting shirts with the logos of your favorite gun on it. Hats are also important to those of us that wear prescription eyeware (see above). I realize this will cut down on "macho" burn scars but it does work if you are fond of your skin. I still shoot in a T-shirt but thought some might like this advice.
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