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Hey all,
Well, "pulled the trigger" HA! on building a AR15 pistol, Using a Forge mega lower as i did with my first AR15, and will be tossing a the goodies i can at it... The caliber will be 300aac blackout, why this round, well good round for shorter barrel rifle or pistol's... The upper will be a http://www.radicalfirearms.com/ built 10.5 .. Standard BCG and BCM charging handle, I may depending on time and extra cash to have the BCG re-coated to NIB...

As of now, I'll be picking up my lower Sat, and have all but the Buffer tube, spring, Buffer, and Upper.. Once i get it the upper in the next month or two.... There a extra one available too me at the FFL i go to...:).

I'll post pics over the weekend....
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