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...........sling or mag pouch, I highly recommend these:

SKS-633 - SKS or AK-47 Sling Military Issue Style Green New Unissued Condition

The length on the sling is enough for front carry even on big guys.

AKS-230 - Mag Shoulder Pouch Holds Five 30 Round Magazines Heavey Canvas with an Adjustable Shoulder Strap

The pouch is heavy duty and not the cheesy thin material you find on most other AK mag pouches. I can squeeze 10 AR mags in it too. I ran it through a wash cycle to soften it up a bit and get the Chinese chemical stank out of it. The left side pouch will accommodate a buttstock cleaning kit and the right side pouch, a sight adjustment tool, cleaning patches, and a small bottle of lubricant.

Both a pretty decent bang for your buck.
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