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IDPA ESP - 1st Place

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Woot! I took 1st in ESP at my local IDPA match last Sunday! Gun was a 5" 9mm XD with a Canyon Creek trigger job and freshly painted (blaze orange "Bright Sights" paint) factory standard 3-dot sights.

Most importantly, I beat my nephew for the first time in about 9 months. I was starting to worry he had outstripped his 'ole uncle' permanently.

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I am looking to get into IDPA myself. Unfortunately I only found two places in NJ that host IDPA and they are not too close but I think it will be worth a drive.
Grats!! Nice to know us old guys can still compete. :D
to quote Toby Kieth " Im not as good as I once was,but Im as good as I ever was once" Congrads. on the old bull showing up the young bull and showing up everybody else at the shoot,Way To Go!!!!!!!!
Its good to run them young pups back under the porch every now and then!!
cool man, congrats... it feels great to do something like that doesnt it.

what are you classified as? how fast did you shoot the qualifier?
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