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Lower Providence Rod & Gun in Audobon, PA had their inaugural BUG Out @ Valley Forge IDPA Sanctioned BUG match. It was a very long day, lots of shooting with your BUG gun (supposedly). The stages were extremely challenging and it was a good time overall. However, I don't see myself competing in a "sanctioned" BUG match again. It was fun, but took too long when you have 13 stages and 2 or 3 strings of fire in each stage. Plus, there are no real incentives to paying $100 for a BUG match other than maybe getting a trophy and something from the prize table. (I didn't get a trophy and got beer koozies and shotglasses from the prize table)

I competed with my XDM 3.8 in .45acp. Unfortunately I didn't have enough trigger time with this before the competition and it'll show in my shooting. It's probably me, but all of my shots were 6-8 inches low. It's possible it was the sights, but more likely my trigger pulls as this has a stock trigger in it and I'm used to my PRP trigger in my 5.25.

So here's the travesty that is my performance:
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