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With the new IDPA rule change I was concerned that all of my blade-tech belt holsters would now be illegal. I have heard debate, but in all honesty I COULD see day light through the belt tunnel so I called Blade-tech to see if there was anything that could be done.

They were more than happy to my relief to allow me to send them in to be modified (which the rules plainly say is legal) for adjustments that will make them "more legal".

Thought I would pass that along in case anyone is in the same boat. I was alittle discouraged as I have been a die hard Blade-tech fan for some time. They are GREAT holsters, I buy a belt and an IWB everytime I buy a gun. I have not yet tried the new injection molds or any of their paddles but keep meaning to.

I really enjoy shooting IDPA and plan to continue. Not trying to start another debate about how folks feel about IDPA and the new rules. I intend to continue shooting and enjoying it. To do that effectively I will abide by the rules. Sure my XD's are in ESP which is a disadvantage. I could buy a GLOCK if I wanted to, they have to draw lines somewhere I guess and it is my freedom to choose to participate or not!

Hope that the info might help someone out there who like me loves IDPA (or any shooting for that matter, wanna shoot cans, give me a call, I'm game!) and Blade-techs and is worried that the two will no longer go together well. Aside from the great holsters I have always had great service from them on the rare occasions I have needed it.

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