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I only own four brands of hand guns now.

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I have settled on CZ,XD and a ruger GP100 and SP01 for my revolvers.I gave my H&K's to my son who likes H&K's and the CZ line.They offer any thing I want from carry to range.All I do is change the springs to my liking and polish the feed ramps on all to a mirrow finish.I have never had one failure of any kind with any of them.I buy ammo in bulk.I always watch for ammo sales and keep about 4000 rounds of 9mm and .40 in the safe.I have a Browning Buckmark .22 with fire sights for plinking that is the cats meow for plinking.I have owned nearly ever brand of high dollar pistol made over the years,40 of them.Now if I just had the money I lost on trades I would be really set.I am not even tempted by some other new super dupper new gun in another brand.

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I'm startin to like the looks of them CZ's....are they expensive? Are they hard to find??
I have the following :-
Pardini SP 22
STI Trojan 5
FWB P34 Air Pistol
Beretta 87 Target

But I want a Ruger Vaquero!
FatMatt1981 said:
I'm startin to like the looks of them CZ's....are they expensive? Are they hard to find??
CZs are fairly easy to find and easy on the pocketbook in general. A CZ-75 can be had for $400 or less. That being said I shoudl say I love the CZ-75B but hate anything with a decocker from CZ. Also any CZ with a P in the model name is a bad buy in my book, I think the P is for POS trigger. I have tried a CZ-40P (based on the P-01 frame) and have owned two now, in each case the trigger sucks rocks. I am in the process of gettign rid of the second oen now, which I bought to attempt some fixes i read about on another forum. If you decide to get a CZ get a CZ-75B in 9mm, they are the best.
In my stable I have;
springers xds and 1911
Right now,all I own are 3 Sigs,1 239 9mm,1 226 9mm,and my favorite,
a 226 ,40,reverse 2 tone,GOTM Feb 04.I plan on getting another XD real soon.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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