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I noticed...

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While watching an episode of Shooting USA covering the USPSA Limited Nationals that many of the competitors were shooting .40 cal weapons. I'm new to the action pistol sports but it would seem to me that 40 cal would give more recoil than say a 9mm and therefore be a disadvantage? I'm looking to start putting together a new pistol for competition and am starting with a 5" Tactical but should it be 40cal or 9mm??? Why would I want a 40 for competition versus a 9?

Thanks for any input from those in the know.
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because to make major power factor, 40 cal is the mminimum caliber allowed. Thus any hits outside the A ring give you fewer points off. This applies to limited only. Open allows 9mm as a min dia for major power, but production has no major power factor so if you are going to shoot production, shoot 9.
In Limited Division in USPSA, .40 cal is the preferred caliber.

One: It makes Power factor. 165+ PF=bullet weight in grains x velocity in feet per second

Two: Limited stipulates .40 cal or larger for major scoring.

A zone = 5 points


The guns have a size requirement regarding magazine length. 140mm max length for double stack, 170mm for single stack mags.

You can fit more rounds of 40 than 45 in a magazine, requiring fewer reloads during a COF.

The guns typically are a full length dust cover, Bull barrelled. The guns may be modified but may not use optical sights. They will hold 17-20 rounds or 40 cal ammo.

Believe me, these guns do not jump much on recoil and with tuned loads they settle very fast. Triggers are in the neighborhood of 1.5-2lbs of pull. They cycle extremely fast. .10 splits are possible.

They are the guns of choice in this class. Typically SV or STI, along with several cusom shops, Brazos, Bedell, Benny Hill, etc.
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Thanks for the great info. So it looks like I can go with a XD-9 tactical, the trigger job from Canyon-Creek, Don's Guide Rod, and some dawson Fiber sites and still stay in production. The Magwell will bump me to Limited or Open in USPSA but I will still be ESP in IDPA. I can always remove the magwell on the fly. Great stuff guys.

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