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I need help

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I can't find my original post on this. So, here goes; almost two months ago I posted here that I had purchased a new XD 40 service and had FTF problems the first time I shot it. The helpful people on this board said I shouldn't have those problems, and to send it back to SA. I took their advice and sent my XD back to Springfield to be worked on. This morning I shot it for the first time after getting it back from SA. I still have FTF problems, although not as bad. I have no idea where I should go now. The pistol is still unreliable.

The original problem was the 4th and 2nd to last rounds in every mag I shot would not feed. . I purchased two new SA XD 40 mags and unfortunately mixed them with the two that came with the pistol. The ones that came with the pistol were returned with the pistol to SA for the warranty work. Today the 2nd to last rounds would not feed on two mags every time I shot them. One mag would FTF on the 2nd to last some of the time. The fourth mag seemed to be problem free.

The invoice I got from SA said they polished the feed ramp, tuned the extractor and tested.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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how are the rounds jaming. where are the tips of the bullets going....nose down right dead into the feedramp almost into the chamber ie 3 point jam or straight up as a stove pipe with that info I can help.
The 2nd to last round did that on my xd40 too. It only did it for the first 500 rounds or so. I think it was because my mag spring was super stiff. Thats the only explination I have for it. My gun cycles perfectly now and I haven't done anything to it accept rhodium plate my pins.
The bullets appear to be almost into the chamber. This actually different than before I sent the XD to SA. Before the bullets would get stuck just below the feedramp. Now they appear to be part way into the chamber and slide isn't closing all the way.
Type of ammo?
Son of Norway said:
Type of ammo?
WWB 165 target
Do you have any suggestions?
I had a FTF problem with my tactical. I was using a 165 gr FP rainier bullet (reloads). I switched to a 165 gr RNFP and never had another issue. I returned it to SA and they worked on it, but it made no difference with the FP bullet.

I have fired about 3000 rounds of the 165 FP in my service model and about 400 through my sub compact with no feed problems. All 40 caliber.
The RNFPs feed great in all three.

What is the bullet type in the WWB you are using?
The fact that it is consistantly failing to feed on the second to last round shows a consistant issue with a magazine. For whatever reason it's not presenting the round properly to be fed into the chamber.

If it was me the mags would be on their way back to Springfield to be replaced. Not worked on or inspected, but replaced.

There is no room in anyones gun safe for mags that don't work properly.
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