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I went out with a two of Maricopa County's finest this morning for some gun fun along with a another friend. Both are K9 and SWAT.

My brother-in-law checking his M4

Deputy Dan with my brother-in-law's POF .308. I liked this rifle more than I thought I would.

Our buddy shooting an MP5 for the second time (was also my second time).

Colt Automatic Rifle

Me shooting the CAR (I love that thing!)

Posing for the camera with my SIS and LWRC (Boo Hiss;))

Me shooting my LWRC (note the solid, reinforced cinder block pillar target)

I took a few shots with my brother-in-law's duty sniper rifle; Remington 700 .308

The pillar when we were wrapping up

My second time with an MP5; the last time was years ago so that's why I have trouble with the bolt lol.

I've been shooting ARs for 5 years now but this is the first time I've had a chance to go full aut and it was so sweet.:cool:

Got to mess with the dog a little too. The K9 liked chewing on me I guess and was punished for not releasing on command.

We also shot some shotguns and a 40mm. Had a blast!

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I tried to view the video's, but they all said they were removed by the user.

I like "Sheen Guns".

B.E.G. (Big Evil Grin :)
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