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I gotta question!!! I gotta question!!!

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Ok, my first question on this forum...please be gentle with the Newbie...

I actually went thru the forum discussions looking for the answer but I dont think I have enough Adderall to treat the ADD I was getting while trying to fish out the answer; however, I did find this:

"I wouldn't trust any firearm until I cleaned it properly first then took it to the range and loaded it there then fired it"

Well! that is my question! What is the proper way to clean prior to initial usage?
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+1 on Field Strip/ Inspect/ Clean/Lubricate before any ammunition is even considered...It is how we found out the brand-spankin' minty-fresh Glock 23 FDE my buddy picked up in March was missing its extractor hook (I defecate you not!) before he went to the range to blast away--factory part was defective and sheared-off...so much for Perfection eh ? :grin:

for a cleaning kit, I am a pretty big fan of the Otis IWCK my shooting buddy snagged recently at a gun show--very nifty design in a handy small package that's easy to keep in a range bag...I personally have a Hoppes kit in a soft bag my 9 year old bestowed upon me for Father's Day 2 years ago that's been a good base platform--it has robust brass rods and standard cleaning brushes and jags (I have supplemented it with an AR Chamber brush/bore guide and some brass jags) but for a starter kit it was a pretty good jump-off point
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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