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I Chopped Up My New Blackhawk CQC Holster

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Hello all,
First I'll say I'm not usually big into modifying something that doesn't have to be modified. The CQC was already a fine holster. However, after seeing numerous postings here, covering a wide variety of modifications, I thought why not. If I screw it up, I've lost $50. I carry a XD40SC and the CQC with Serpa Lock was a little longer than I needed. So...I cut it off. Hopefully the link below works. Tell me what you think.

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Very fine job! They should sell those in a sub-compact form in the first place if they don't already. Nice photos too!
Thanks for the compliments. So far they don't make it specifically for a subcompact. I looked at it and thought one for a sub would be nice. I got a couple of opinions and decided to cut off approx. 3/4 of an inch leaving about 1/4 of an inch for muzzle coverage. So I grabbed a coping saw, marked it off and made the rough cut. Next, I take to it with a bench mounted belt sander to even things up. A small knife took off the smudges on the edge and fine sand paper rounded them a little. For cosmetics purposes I used 2 layers of electrical tape and edged off about a 1/4 inch strip on the muzzle end on the front half. This I sanded with the fine paper to smooth it out and give the cut area a kind of edged factory look. Nickpicky sanding and touchup finished it off. With the shorter overall length I now have some improvement on concealability with a number of not so long shirts.
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I just browsed over your post, clicked the images, kept looking trying to figure out what you had cut. Only after reading the post again did I realize you chopped its length.

Wow, what a great job you did on that, it looks like it came from the factory that way!
Yeah, sorry about that. I read back over it myself and I wasn't to clear on exactly what I did to it. I am going to claim fatigue in that I made the post at about 2 AM. I thought it turned out okay and I can't yet imagine what it will hurt. Thanks for the thumbs up!
Oh yeah, sorry slowpoke, I have yet to see one for the lefties.
Looks great. I have a general question about the holster...when holstering, is it as "tight" as say the xd gear holster or fobus?
stealthcarry said:
Looks great. I have a general question about the holster...when holstering, is it as "tight" as say the xd gear holster or fobus?
I use the non-serpa version of the CQC for USPSA matches and it fits XD very well (not to tight, not to lose). I tried the XD-Gear holster and it was WAY to tight IMO; haven't tried the Fobus.
Seem to work well with the XD 40. Seems to rattle a bit much for the 9mm.
I agree with both of the above comments. It is nowhere near as tight as the XD Gear Holster and although I don't have the 9MM I have heard it said before that it was a little looser fit than the 40. The fit on my 40 seems great to me. As j2fast says its not too tight or loose. The Serpa Lock works great so far. You may have to post the question to get a wider input on comparison with the Fobus. :D
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