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I am pleased to announce

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Less than a month ago I bought my first handgun. XDM 40 OD/SS. I bought it off an individual for $450 never fired. Definitely a sweet deal. Its been out to the gun range twice now and I am glad I did not buy the Glock. Nothing against it...just this is the better shooter for me. Would post pics but Im confident you all know what she looks like.

Glad to join the forum.
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Welcome from Arizona.
Welcome to XDTalk 40flinger.

You won't regret your decision in choosing an XD. I just got my bi-tone XD9 not too long ago and was very pleased with it.
Welcome to the forum from Oregon.

Stay Safe.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the forum from Colorado
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Washington!
Welcome from Iowa
Welcome from Nor-Cal!
Welcome from Minnesota!
Hello and welcome from Louisiana.
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
Congrats and welcome aboard...:)
Welcome from Washington's Olympic Peninsula!
hello there
Welcome from the panhandle!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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