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HS2000/XD in IDPA

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We are interested in knowing if anyone has ever shot the HS2000 and/or XD during IDPA competition?

Is so, please indicate what class you participated in.

Do you intend to continue to shoot in that class?

We appreciate your imput and thank you for your time in responding to us.

Kim @ Springfield Armory
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Yes, I have shot in several IDPA matches in the upper South Carolna area. I shoot in the SSP class - that seems to be the place for the XD. There are now several other shooters (much better than me - I'm a novice) that are shooting the XD as well. I have had no problems at all with the XD - only me remembering what I am supposed to do and not do. Hope this helps.
Kim, I've shot IDPA before but not with my XD40. My understanding is that IDPA has the gun classed as ESP which puts it against the BHP and HK P7 single action pistols. Is this right? If so, it clearly should be reclassified as SSP. I'll find out if the locals will let me shoot in SSP but if ya'll could call the gun something other than single action (on import documents) it would help both in IDPA and USPSA not to mention many anti-single action LE agencies. Just my opinion. Thanks for a great product in the XD line!
I shoot my XD-9 Service Model in IDPA. Class is ESP because of IDPA's thoughts regarding the trigger mechanism. Even though I go against guys with tricked out race guns, I can still compete.
Yeah, I shoot my XD........and it is ESP, as stated above due to trigger mechanism......

I shoot both the XD9 and XD40 occasionally in IDPA and do fine with it. There are probably half a dozen other shooters at the three clubs where I compete who use the XD. It is an ESP Division gun, this has been confirmed with IDPA Hqs in Berryville on numerous occasions by myself, other Match Directors, and the Area Coordinator for the Va. area. Although one will be competing in the same Division as BHPs and HK P7s, so what? The other guns you compete against only really matter in Master Class, otherwise, you are in a class with your peers, where the actual gun matters less than does the skill of the shooter. BTW, the hot setup in ESP these days seems to be CZ/Witness guns and 1911 style pistols, all in 9mm. On the other hand, I imagine Rob Leatham would do just fine at the Nationals in ESP with the XD.

The ESP listing is based as much on the fact that the BATFE classifies the XD as a single action as on anything that SA/import documents say.

I intend to continue shooting the XD in IDPA, although I am currently using another make of pistol to shoot in SSP, where I have a better chance to shoot a "Master" classification than I do in ESP.

Finally, I have seen $2000 "race" guns in ALL Divisions of IDPA, despite efforts and rules by IDPA to keep the cost down.
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Hi Kim. I shoot 2-3 IDPA matches a month with the .40 Tactical in ESP Division where IDPA has placed it. The XD does OK in ESP. If the trigger pre-travel and resest were shorter from the factory it would be better, but the folks shooting the $2k guns make the same mistakes as the $400.00 box gun folks. The shooter's skill makes the difference. The XD Tactical is my primary competition gun in both IDPA and USPSA.
Thanks for your interest. :D
Hey guys I doubt Kim is watching this thread since it was posted in May of 02 but I am doing well in IDPA with my XD .40 Tactical. (Brag mode cranked full) I won my class in the Cal Regional yesterday; my Brother won his with the XD-9 tactical! :mrgreen:

(Humble mode on) I can't even wrap my mind around the speed of the Master Class SSP shooters- I'm not worthy- I'm not worthy. :shock:
I have been shooting my XD9 in IPDA for over two years I shoot it in ESP. Last match I took first in ESP with a "clean" score! I don't think I am at any disadvantage using the XD.
I shot my subcompact 9mm in ESP against the .45 crowd at the last match and the little gun not only held it's own, it helped me shoot a 112 and finish second behind a 108 from a .45 guy.
My new Tactical is now my primary competition pistol and the subcompact is for carry.

Good Shootin' :mrgreen:
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