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HS 2000 going price (3rd gen?)

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Have found an HS 2000 (believe to be 3rd gen). The pistol has the finger grooves, accessory rail and "double trigger". It is the SERVICE model and in 9mm. The pistol is in 98% condition. What would a fair market value for the pistol?

Thanks in advance for the help..

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The finger grooves are an aftermarket add on. You got me on the double trigger, I don't know what that is.

New XD 9s are selling between 400 and 450 avge I think and I saw a couple of HS2000s on Gunbroker, one was "buy now" for 429.00. I think that's a little steep.

I wouldn't want to give much more than 350/375 tops for an HS2000 unless it was NIB.

I may be way off base, I'm sure someone will set me straight if I am.


thanks...I was refering to the safety feature in the trigger (not the smooth trigger as found in the early gens.

All HS2000s and SA XDs have the same trigger as far as I know.


i am sure you are aware of this sight. seems you have been on the board for some time. this sight has pics of various hs and xd models, including some early and late model hs pistols.


thanks again for the info.

I guess you got me.

All I have to go on is the HS2000 Gen II that I own. It has the trigger safety. I'm pretty sure the Gen 1's all have the trigger safety. I have been wrong before. But I do see some pictures on the xd-hs2000.com site of some Gen 0s that do not have trigger safeties (or double triggers as you refer to them). As far as I know they were never imported into the United States.

If you can pick up this Gen III at what you think is a reasonable price I suggest you do it. It will be a good investment and a fun gun to shoot.

By the way the Gen I's have NO serrations on the slide, The Gen II has serrations on the back only and the Gen III has them front and back, just like the XD models. That's the easiest way to recognize the generations.


once again thank you for the information. I was not attempting to second guess you, I just wanted to make sure that I was not crazy. I am little excited right now b/c of the prospect of owning an XD...even if it is an HS. It is kinda like the store brand compared to the national brand(not really in this sense b/c it is the same pistol). Anyway, you know what I mean. Your point on the serrations is a good one and really easy to remember.

Thanks sir,

Michael W. :D
Some where about 300-350 would be a fair price to pay, especially if for 50 bucks more you could get a brand new pistol. I paid 350 for a gen two this last weekend and did not feel cheated, but I wanted it for the collection not really as a shooter.

Thanks for the price info. This one is definantly a 3rd gen and it will be a shooter/CCW for me. I generally don't buy a firearm to set it in a corner or a box for prosperity. The pistol is slightly used. Maybe I am off base and if someone would mabye swap me even for a new XD, they may be welcome to the pistol for collector value.h

Just as a point of reference, I paid $300 for my 3rd generation LNIB HS2000 with 6, 10-round magazines. I was told that it had only 200 rounds fired through it.
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