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The recent RECOIL magazine three-part series, authored by John "Chappy" Chapman, are also must-reads:

An Assaulter's Guide to Doors | RECOIL
An Assaulter's Guide to Hallways | RECOIL
Assaulter's Guide to Stairways | RECOIL

The Spotter-Up web-blog also has some great entries on CQB, such as this recent one:

Using tactics called angular searching

And if you can find it, Panteao Productions had DVDs/streaming vids by Chappy that cover CQB basics, both movement as well as marksmanship considrations. Additionally, the late Pat Rogers hosted an "Intro to the Shoothouse" full-length segment filmed at the Alliance PD Training Facility, which boasts an 8200 sq. ft., 360 deg. live-fire shoothouse.

All this said....

These are highly complex skills to not only master, but to even just learn. As someone who just took his first steps and only popped his cherry in the house this past spring, I can honestly say that these are skills which should be taught and learned first-hand, under the watchful supervision really of folks who truly know what they are doing.

Hand Getting Taped.jpg

It's really all too easy to bro-up ;) and do these kind of things completely wrong - and these skills are perhaps the LAST things you'll want to get wrong.

That's me getting my fire-control hand taped to my gun (picture courtesy of Practically Tactical, who hosted that class)....because I had a bad habit of breaking off that hand to throw signs at my partner (who shouldn't be looking at me, anyway :lol:). Yeah, Joe Weyer, the Chief Instructor, knowing that I was a fresh-out virgin, broke me of that habit right then and there, and I am forever thankful to him for it, and have even kept that tape as a part of my memorabilia on my prized memory shelf in the man-cave).

Moose Cock!.jpg

And this is me getting the big "moose-cock" from Joe. Why? Because I darned screwed the pooch yet again, of-course. :lol:
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