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So I've been scrambling to figure out if I wanted to wait for the 9 or just buy the 40 and get the conversion barrel. I think I've made the choice of 40.
Anyways, I've seen a lot of various threads on here but never a list of good deals on the XDm. So I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows of some hot deals for the XDm. Also, if anyone has any experience with TargetWorldInc and whether they are trustworthy.

Here is the listing @ TW:

tem # XDM9202HCSP MSRP $679.00
Mfg Springfield Armory Your Price: $562.83
Model XD(M) Sale Ends: 09/30/08
Type Semi-Automatic Pistol Quantity: 99+
Caliber: 40SW Finish Black
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Last weekend I purchased the XD-9 at a gun show in Virginia. The seller also had XDm's, but I wasn't in the market for a .40. The XD that I bought was $420, and the XDm's he had were just a tad over $500. I want to say $510 or $520 but I could be a little off. I'm not sure if he ship's, but it might be worth checking into:

Dark Sun Surplus
I have been waiting for the XDM-9 as well. So, I have been keeping an eye on budsgunshop.com. Their XDM-40's in black were $571, but the only thing I don't like is the price changes from week to week. I have even called to ask why the price changes; the salesmen didn't answer my question but offered to sell it for $571.
All of those prices are pretty good. I found it for $540 at the gun show last month and found it for $565 and $575 at other stores. I actually convinced one store owner to show me his price which was $550 (of course there would be incentives off of that) but good to know. I'm torn between picking it up at the gun show this coming week or at the store that I do most of my shopping at. My local G.S. is a little higher but I have a descent relationship and may be able to negotiate some other benefits from them.
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