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Im looking for a good duty holster for my XD 40 service other than a Fobus or Kydex. I need something that protects the weapon. I bought an Uncle Mike's but realized later the belt clip was designed for a regular belt not a duty because im an idiot and get to much in a hurry. On the other hand if you know how I might be able to modify my current Uncle Mike's size 15 ambi holster with built in magazine holder to fit a duty belt Id rather do that.
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go to www.findesigns.net these are by far the best kydex holsters on the market. they take around 2 weeks to recieve but well worth the wait.
Sidearmor makes excellent holsters.

I am awaiting a permit and wonder what the consensus is for a holster to concealed carry XD 9mm standard frame. I have a belly so i wonder about comfort and usability.
thanks for your opinions and references.
I just got a Don Hume leather holster on sale for $25 at the local police supply store. Unfortunately I think it might be a tad small. I believe it is a size 15.

I am looking for a good IWB with an extra mag pouch like the Uncle Mike's I saw last weekend.
milt sparks makes very good holsters, check them out, but before ordering from milt sparks directly check out lightningarms.com, because they keep milt sparks holsters in stock, and you should receive yours in 2-3 days instead of the 10-14 weeks that milt sparks takes to make them

as far as comfort goes, i have a milt sparks VERSA MAX 2 iwb holster for my 5" barrelled xd and you know its there, but its not uncomfortable by any means

and im out.......
Good Kydex holsters for competition shooting as well as Concealed Carry Here:

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