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Holsters for a lefty?

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I have a couple of holster questions for all of you experts out there. I've grown up with various guns in my hand but I've recently bought my first pistol. I intend to CC occasionally (not daily); most of it's time is going to be at the range punching paper and in the night stand next to the bed.

question 1: Do you prefer to have two holsters or just one? (i.e. an IWB for CC and a OWB for the range)

question 2: Does anyone know a good brand or place to find left handed holsters for an XDm .40 3.8"?
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Haven't recived mine yet but I bought the mtac minotaur. They have them for us lefties. Crossbreed does as well. I believe desantis has one too. As far as having more than one I cannot comment on that because the mtac will be my first. My guess is there is no reason to buy another if you are completly satisfied with the one you have?
Thanks Quicksilver. I'll have to check out mtac, the crossbreads are the only other decent looking concealed holster I've seen so far.
I do have two holsters, one IWB for daily carry and one OWB for the range. I don't want to have to draw from concealment all the time. BTW I have the crossbreed supertuck and a Blackhawk SERPA.
Get a MTAC and be done, Great quaility and very fast !!!! on shipping
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