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Hey ya'all from KY

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love my XD's I think I have 699 of them LMAO I do have more then I need though. have the new XDm .40 great gun it improved my USPSA scores out of the box.
I want the 9mm but cant get the straight scoop on when it comes out. there are add's in the magazines saying now available but it aint so.
anybody heard anything.
this looks like a good forum to be a member of.
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Welcome from Indiana!
Thanks IN and NC
southern IN sellersburg,new albany,jeffville ?
Welcome from CT
Been lurking here for a couple of weeks, thought I'd go ahead and register. Greetings to Southern Indiana and Northern Ky...
Welcome to the forums from VA
I do have more then I need though.
Feel free to send some my way then!!! BTW welcome to the forum!!!
Welcome from Ohio.
Welcome from down the road,
the City of Firsts.

Welcome from MI
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Indiana. near Evansville.
Welcome from FL
Welcome from Minnesota!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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