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Yah, the only real reason I included the SSL-1 is that it is the only one I've seen in person. Haven't seen it in a dark room, but they had it on display attached to a XD-9. It looked, dare I say, sexy! It was also easy to manipulate on/off. But its only 80 lumens.

The other two I haven't seen in person, but they are both higher in lumens as you had indicated. Having no idea of what 80 lumens translates to, I am going by the bigger is better philosophy and leaning towards one of the others since they are about 75% brighter. The TRL-1 is $90 while the XTI is $130.

So by process of elimination, I am leaning towards the TRL-1. Unless the XTI is far superior? I wouldn't mind spending the extra if the XTI is far and away better than the TRL-1.
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