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Hello all,

I've been shooting a ton of demos and loaners to try and find my next set of carry and target guns.

I have a Kimber 1911 .45 and an H&K USP 40 Compact (LEM trigger) which have served me well for carry & target but I'd like to add to the list.

I love the Wilson Combat & SIG Sauer triggers; shot a bunch of Glocks and had the little trigger in the middle give me a stinger every time I shot plus the guns were just so "sloppy".

I saved the HD for last because just about everyone I met seemed to own or carry one - and they generally had more than one - and just loved them without issue.

I like the ergos, don't like the non-ambi slide release, happy that I can put a 3" group at 15 yards having never touched the sloppy (dropped and really off) range XD9 I was shooting but really, really don't like the trigger (which I found to be almost the same on the XDm).

I don't like having to stage the trigger - when I pull the trigger I expect the gun to go bang (clearly, saftey issues aside, etc.) - as it's like a stutter step, not a clean break.

I've heard that Springer, etc. can make the XD trigger like "butter", a real nice and smooth trigger - without getting into who does it better (I'll send both of mind to Springer) and speaking from experience coming from 22 match pistols, 1911s and Sigs (clean triggers) can I get something close to that safe to carry and happy @ 25 yards?

Thanks in advance, I know it's a tough question but it's either 2XHD+trigger jobs or (1) Sig stock and kind of a big deal for me.

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