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SIG 556. Uses AR15/M16 magazines and shoots the same ammo.

Looks like an AR15 type lower and controls. Insides are probably different. I say that without having seen the insides of the 556. I have a SIG 556R (means it's in 7.62X39 and uses AK47 magazines) and the bolt is darn near identical to an AK47 bolt.

Gas pistol operated. Gas system adjustment at that ringed "knob" above the barrel in front of the front sight.

The stock can fold (even shot that way if you want).

Sadly, SIG no longer supports these two rifles with parts or service work.

Reliable and accurate. A bit heavier than a standard AR15. Nice rifles.

SIG also made one that is much closer in design to the AR15 but with the gas piston operation, so more AR15 parts will be usable in that model than in the 556 models (think they called it a SIG516?). I wanted one of those till SIG dropped support for the one I have. No use buying something else I might have trouble getting parts for.
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