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So I've been doing some research and I'm fairly confused. I like the HK USC completely as is...except for the 10 round only magazine capacity. I don't need a folding stock or laser beams etc. What is the easiest way to fix this issue. I have seen Hera 20 round magazines but they are sngle stack so they are super long and about $120 a piece.

Can a gunsmith bore our the magazine port to accept the UMP 25 rounders or do I have to replace the lower and if so is there legal issues etc.

If any one can lay it out for me I would be forever grateful! I love the idea that I can have a carbine that shares ammo with my .45 handgun. I already plan to go the CX4 Storm route with the 9mm and get the double bonus of sharing mags with my 92FS.
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