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A Virginia CHP/CCW holder, Guy Ackerman, inadvertently brought a handgun with him into NJ. He discovered the gun in his car and rather than leave it in there with valet parking, he took the unloaded revolver to his room and locked it in the room safe. The valet had noticed the gun when it was in the car and told the police, who arrested Guy and charged him with unlawful weapon possession - a felony in NJ.

The prosecutor is refusing to allow Guy an option to avoid jail time, an option that is normally available in such cases.

Guy is really in a tough spot. If he takes the prosecutor’s current “deal,” Guy will spend one year in prison before being able to apply for parole. If denied, he will have to serve up to three years. If he rejects the idea of a “guilty” plea and is found guilty in a trial, he then faces a minimum jail sentence of between five and ten years. Of course, if he wins the trial, he would be free. However, we are talking New Jersey.

Fellow members in New Jersey, please call Christies office and tell him to order his AG to do the right thing.

Here is a web site that provides details on Guy’s situation, as well as a petition to sign asking that Guy be given the non-felony option:

We Support Our Guy Campaign | We Support Our Guy
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