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Hello from Ohio

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New member and new to the XD9...Rather than ask the best ammo for practice and SD use...Let's shorten the list, has anyone found ammo that didn't feed well in the XD9. From everything I have read there isn't much it won't take.
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Welcome from NW Ohio. My XDs eat anything.
Welcome from WV. Mine takes everything. Many thousand rounds and never had one jam.
Thanks for the welcome...Glad to know I made the right decision...Tried several rental guns, Ruger, Glock, looked at Taurus 24/7 and SR9 but none fit as well as the XD9. I was looking at Speer Gold Dot 124 grain for SD rounds and Remington 115 from Bass Pro shop for practice ammo. Given the increase in shipping costs mail order comes out about the same price per round. $55 per 250 rounds at Bass Pro
Welcome from Minnesota!
Welcome from North Dakota!!
Welcome to the forum from UT! All I have are 45s and they shoot all facory ammo so far, I have yet to do reloads.
Welcome from Indiana!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Minnesota!
Welcome from SW Ohio
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