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Hello from Gettysburg PA

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Newbie here. Don't own an XD yet but just put a deposit down on an XDM 9mm. I'll be getting it before the mag deal ends. Just wondering where is a good place to start reading before I start asking a bunch of newbie questions. I'm interested in things like mag compatability, accessories, upgrades and issues pertaining to the XD-XDM models. As well as sources for them.
Glad to be a member of what seems to be a very nice and well informed internet community. Thanks
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Welcome from Virginia! The mags are specific to the XDm. As for your other questions, just spend some time perusing the forum. I'll bet you will have the answers you are looking for, and learn a lot more as well.
Hello and welcome from Wisconsin
Welcome from Ohio.
Welcome from Indiana!
Welcome aboard from extremely snowy and cold Washington state.

Man, I can't wait to get back to Georgia!!
Welcome aboard from Missouri
welcome, born and raised in Hanover, PA
Welcome to the forum from CT.
Welcome from Minnesota.
Welcome from Allentown, PA :p
Welcome neighbor
Looks like quite a few from PA. Thanks for having me.
Welcome from Texas
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