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I knew there were two sear spring options, but i was not prepared for three choices when i got my PRP trigger kit.

All options use the PRP sear, PRP striker safety, and PRP striker safety spring, but the other parts used depend on desired trigger:

4.5lb crisp = blue sear spring and keep factory disconnector
4.5lb rolling = silver sear spring and PRP disconnector
3.5lb rolling = blue sear spring and PRP disconnector

I like the sound of crisp so installed the 4.5lb crisp parts. I'm pretty happy with it but it is not as crisp as i had hoped. Just a little let down by the amount of travel after the wall and was expecting less. I can only assume by the descriptions that the others would have even more travel after the wall. Has anyone else actually taken the time to try all the options? Looking for reviews vs having to take the time to try them all myself, since installing was a little difficult, although i think after doing it once it would go better now.
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