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Heinie Slant Pro Sights

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Anyone have an opinion on Heinie Slant Pro sights compared to the Dawson Precision?

Heinie: http://www.heinie.com/allsights.html

Dawsons: http://www.pistol-gear.com/products.php?cat=8

Looking at the two for IPSC/USPSA Limited Class.

I've used sights like the Heinie sights (stacked dots), and must say I really like them off the draw. Never used the Dawson's, but read lots of good things about them.
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I'm really leaning towards getting the Heinie's for my XD. I've heard nothing but good things about them. The Dawson's seem to be more like Target Sights, so I guess it depends on what you want to do with the gun. Seems like you should go with the Heinie's for fast target acquisition. I'd like either, but I think for my XD I'd go with the Heinie's. The Dawson's I'd get for a different gun, or if I was tweaking an XD for accuracy.
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