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It is garbage and doesn't belong on a fighting weapon. There is so much fail in this product that it almost seems like it was intentional.

Any light/laser that is stuck in constant on doesn't belong on a fighting weapon.

The rear sight has an annoying LED light that shines back in your face to tell you that the unit is active. So in low light, you have an annoying light screwing up any natural night vision you might have had.

The activation button is fail. You have to reach up on the rear sight with your thumb and mash the button to turn it on. Then mash it again and you get a blinking laser. Mash it again to turn the damn thing off.

The larger rear sight housing increases the chances that you'll knock the rear sight out of alignment. If you carry a firearm on duty or in CCW, you'll know that the rear sight takes quite a beating due to its exposure.

On the unit I handled at SHOT, even during the well lit show room, I could see the laser light splashing along the top of the slide.

It isn't exactly cheap. For the money, you could save towards much better options. Crimson Trace and the Surefire X400 with a DG switch have effective activation/deactivation systems.

When I see gun writers praising this thing, I find that I hold their opinion on anything else they write about suspect.
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