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Has anyone used this brand of reloads?

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Any one had any experiance with this brand?

Miwall reloads at $116/1000. ( I know they're reloads, but the price is pretty good)

Also, what is the difference between a full metal jacket and a total metal jacket?

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perhaps it also has an enclosed base on the ball like the winchester win clean ammo(beb).
From what I understand...

FMJ = fully jacketed bullet, the back of it though is bare lead.
TMJ = completely jacketed, the back is covered as well.
As long as the Winchester and UMC are available in bulk packs that are comparably priced to the reloads I'll keep buying the commerically available stuff, especially in a .40 S&W load. There's just not much margin for error on the "too much powder" side with the .40.
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