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I received this in an email from a local ham club. It may be of interest to some. The Jim Creek facility is huge and located just North of greater Seattle. The email and zoom invitation for January 16:

The Jim Creek Naval Radio Station is situated near Oso, WA and closed to the public. I have been there and it is a stunning site, huge and powerful, communicating with US Navy ships, planes and submarines around the world. Normally this is a secured site, however there is a presentation about this site with (I believe) a virtual tour. If you are at all interested in unique, powerful communication systems (One Million Watts), you will want to see this presentation!

I have been there, above ground, below ground and walked through the transmitter. Not only the control room, but the actual transmitter casement.

We have been informed of a very special opportunity and have been invited to join Navy Historian Lex Palmer & Dr. Susan Hughes, Navy Archaeologist, in an exploration of the history of Naval Radio Station Jim Creek.

This event is cosponsored by NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command) and DAHP (Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation).

From their press release:
“Nestled in the hills of Snohomish County, the facility allowed the Navy to communicate with their sub fleet around the world. When Naval Radio Station Jim Creek was dedicated in 1953, it was recognized as the most powerful radio station in the world. Its advanced technology and broadcast strength were displayed in magazine publications such as Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Today it is still among only a handful of radio stations capable of providing more than one million watts of power, allowing the U.S. Navy to communicate with ships, submarines and aircraft anywhere around the world.”

Free. Online. Open to the public.
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Zoom meeting starting at 1:00 PM (PT?)

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