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The gunsmithing parts bin needs cleaned out. I have a ton of random gun parts and pieces available.

-Bushmaster Carry Handle w/ Eurolux 4x20 sight (As New, $100),
-Magpul labeled hex screws x8 (New, $10),
-Spikes AR CAR-1 fake silencer can (1/2"x28 with alignment shim kit (As New, $35)
-SOLD - A2 grip (black) w/ DPMS single stage trigger kit and trigger guard (New, $25)
Remington 870 -
-Trigger system Lock/key (New, $15)
-Remington Choke Upgrade Kit ... includes 2 chokes (1 Imp. Cyl., 1 Full Choke Steel/Lead), field size RemOil, Remington choke tool, and case (New, $15)
-Remington 3 round Magazine Limiter (required in some states for hunting...FL) (New, $5)
-Leupold Universal Sling Ring Kit (New, $5)

-SOLD - 1911 Novak Adjustable Target Sight Front/Rear Set (never installed, $30)
-SOLD - Colt slide stop/release blued (used, $10)
-SOLD - HKS Speed Loader (As New, $5)
-Kimber 1911 slide stop/release stainless (As New in box, $15),
-Wilson Combat 2-Piece Full Length Guide Rod Officers Model part# 25CO (As New in box, $30)
-Colt Factory Stainless/polished grip screws (as new, $5)
-USP9/40 Jet Funnel kit (2xAvailable, As New, $55/kit),
-SOLD - USP LE/Military 18rnd Ext Mags (3xAvailable, As New, $40/each),
-HK MKII UTL Tactical Light (New, $135) ...NOT PICTURED,
-SOLD - SureFire C123 Batteries x2 (new, $5)
-SOLD - Glock factory front/rear sight set (1 set available, new rear/used front but good cond. $5/set),

-Factory XDM 9/40 Backstraps (pair of Large/Small, New, $20),
-Factory XDGear Kit for XD45 (holster, mag loader, mag holster) (As New, $35)
-SOLD - XD 9/40 Striker Guide (1 Stainless aftermarket, 1 XD factory black, used, $5 for both)
Ruger -
-SOLD - 10/22 Factory 10 round Mag (black, used, $10)
-Ruger SP101 Wolff Spring Upgrade Kit (New, $10),
-Ruger Single-Six Weaver scope mount kit (As New, $10)
-SOLD - Factory P220/P245 Slimline Short Pull Trigger Upgrade and factory double-dot rear sight (As new, $20)
Taurus -
-Taurus revolver security keys (New, $5)

Holsters (etc.)
-Mike's Full frame pistol black canvas holster (1911, Glock, XD, etc, As New, $10)
-SOLD - Mike's Sidekick FDE Cloth pocket pistol holster (small 1911/.380, Kel-tec, etc., used, $10),
-Blackhawk Serpa paddle attachment (As new, $5),
-Single Pistol Plastic case ($10) NOT PICTURED

-DuraCoated Bayonet, bolt take-down tool, oil can (black, $35),
-factory sling green ($5)

Other random parts/pieces...
-MilSpec Tall OD Bag (Mil issue surplus, $10) NOT PICTURED,
-Springfield Armory "Flag" Embroidered Patch and matching "Flag" sticker (approx 3x5", 4 sets available, New, $6/set)

PLEASE email me directly. [email protected] (do not pm) Thanks and have a great day!


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The HK UTL is a one-size fits all light designed by HK and built by InSight especially for Special Ops issued pistols. What I am selling is NOT the commercial available "M2" marked light but rather the "HK" marked spec ops issue light. link to the commercial version is below...


better pics...

Is the UTL an led light and will it fit a USP 45 full size?
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