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July 25, 2003 - Sacramento, CA - Combative Knife Concepts

The modern folding knife is one of the most popular defensive weapons in America. This course is for anyone interested in the responsible defensive use of the tactical folding knife. In this exciting new course you will learn a simple and effective system for deploying your "Tactical Folding Knife" against modern-based threats. You will learn
about pre and post event actions, important legal issues, quick and covert one-handed deployment, lethal and non-lethal applications, targets, methods and angles of attack and defense, issues of human reaction time, and how it allapplies in this situation. Just as important, you will learn the concepts of force integration, mind set, legal issues and more to produce a comprehensive modern martial blade system. If you carry a modern tactical folding knife, you need this course.
Tuition: $100.00
($75.00 to attendees of Close Range Gunfighting on July 26-27 or July 28-29)
Duration: 1 days
Requirements: Nothing specific. Comfortable clothes
Location: Sacramento Valley Gun Club
Instructor(s): Gabe Suarez

July 26 - 27, 2003 - Sacramento, CA - Close Range Gunfighting (Saturday - Sunday)
This dynamic new course will focus on the close range interval where most actual gunfights occur, yet where most organized shooting schools stop. This will be a non-doctrinal, non-dogmatic approach to the problem. We will focus on fighting within arm's length to 5 yards where 85% of all real gunfights happen - like it or not. We will spend the majority of the course on the square range learning proven strategies for close range combat, both live fire and dry against an adversary. We will learn how to move and shoot freely and without an antiquated "square range" focus. We will fire from weapon retention positions, alternative shooting platforms, alone and inside a group. In addition to this, we will learn alternative sighting methods (this is bound to be controversial), alternative force issues, and the
all-important issues of mind-set and the after effects of a gunfight. Open to BOTH civilian defenders and professional operators. This course will break all the established rules and we expect an early sell-out.
Tuition: $325.00
Duration: 2 days
Ammunition: Approximately 500 rounds
Requirements: Pistol, Holster, 3 Magazines, Street/Tactical Gear, Flashlight, Safety Gear
Location: Sacramento Valley Range
Instructor(s): Gabe Suarez
Register: Through Suarez International (Office) 928-776-4492 ,(Fax) 928-776-8218

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