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Gun Belt Recommendations?

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I am looking for a good, moderate cost gun belt. I want one that is stiff enough to retain the holster well yet supple enough to feel comfortable. I am looking for a 1 ½” size. The two that I have found to date are the Rafter S Cowhide belt for $45 http://www.raftersgunleather.com/and the Hume Trouser belt for $40 http://www.pistol-gear.com/proddetail.php?prod=02XDL. What are your thoughts on these or any other belts in this approximate price range?
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It's tough to beat... http://www.gunnersalley.com/
Great product, & service.

I have the Rafter S and the Gunner's Alley belt. It's tough to give a real critical comparison at this point because I haven't had both of them for a long time yet. My initial impression is that the Rafter S belt has a little more attention to detail but it's not quite as stiff as the GA belt. Rafter has good, strong double rows of stitching all the way up and down both sides and also the belt holes are closer together which makes it easier to fine tune the fit when you put it on. Again though, the GA belt is stiffer, I guess because of the bullhide, but both make for great and very stable belts for carrying a gun and whatever else. Gunner's Alley will never be beaten on service by anyone. I had to send my first GA belt back because the black edges were peeling off of it from the moment I got it but I think that's a rare occurrence and of course it's no problem to have things like that taken care of thanks to GA's top-notch service. Another thing I noticed on it though was that a stitch had already broken and the little hairs of the stitching were sticking out. That's just part of the attention to detail difference I think.

brad cook
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dpwdave said:
It's tough to beat... http://www.gunnersalley.com/
Great product, & service.
my hume belt holds my XD and 1911 very tight, and it was only 45.00 bucks

got it through gunnersalley, great people to work with.
I have something akin to the Hume Officer's Belt that I got here http://www.duluthtrading.com/items/92613+DBR+032.asp for $35, and it is 1.5inches wide.
It works well, however the front gets a little getting used to with the 4 layers of leather that overlap. Btw the leather is 3/16 thick

They have some other belts there too, the work belt for $30, and some others... http://www.duluthtrading.com/items/85366+BLK+032.asp
downside of the catalog, no pictures, just drawings :(
I have a wilderness Frequent Flyer 5 stich belt. It is 1.25" but holds a gun as well or better than any 1.5" non reinforced leather belt I've ever used. My usual dress is Jeans so the FF fits into my wardrobe quite well.
I have had excelent service from the Galco's I have bought.
i use a black dickies 1.5" belt from sears it was like 18 bucks and its 2x as thick as a regular belt.. works perfect for me...
Wilderness Instructor's belt here... super strong and comfortable!!!
Can not say enough good things about my Don Hume B109 1 1/2" "Inner Belt" as it is called. Looks like a regular black belt w/ chrome buckle like you'd see at Mervyns, Macys, or wherever. Looks like my Levi's belt that I just retired. Only it is stronger and super strong. Perfect for supporting a holster and weapon.

Word of advise though....order one size larger as they run small. Especially if you plan on carrying IWB.

Best price I could find when I got mine was here at D&G Uniforms for $29.60+shipping.

Here's a pic....
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I ordered a Rafter S cowhide in black. It is going to take a couple of weeks before they send it. I'll let you all know how I like it as soon as I have a chance to try it out.
I have both widths in the Rafter's belts. The materials and attention to details in the workmanship is outstanding. The stitching is recessed to eliminate fraying and buckles and screws are top notch quality. The 1-1/2 inch wide belt stabilizes a holster and gun better than the 1-1/4 inch belt does but that would be the case with any belt line.

How cleanly does the XD draw from the Rafter's holster? I bought one for my son to use for off duty with his USP 45 and I liked it quite a bit. I have a Galco Fletch that is difficult to use with the XD because the sharp edge of XD's ejection port opening digs into the leather of the Galco making the XD hard to withdraw from the holster. The Galco is unlined and I was wondering if the lining of the Rafter's helps (or do you have an unlined version)?
just got my don hume seconds belt in the mail for 28 to the door, could not tell what the cosmetic flaw is, but no big deal to me, it stil work and looks nice.

Do you have a picture or two you could post of your bargain Hume belt? I went to their website to check it out but no photo. I'm assuming its just plain black with a silver buckle...still sounds like a smokin' deal though!
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