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Great Practice Session with XD40 sc

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I spent a delightful weekend taking two NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (Basic & Advanced) using my XD40 sc that I use as a concealed carry pistol. While I have been an NRA Certified Instructor in Rifle and a CC Permit holder for many years, I am a real believer in continuing education, training and assuring current knowledge and proficiency.

After we finished the classes and shooting work, we had an informal contest, shooting at a 1' square metal plate at 50 yards. Now my 3" barreled XD 40 sc is not an ideal 50 yard pistol, but I was delighted to score 9 hits in 12 shots. I must say that, while my confidence in my XDs has been high, I became a true believer on Sunday. For reference, I was using a dead-on hold with 180gr PMC Bronze target ammo...and those gongs sounded like church bells.

The XD40 sc (and the XD40 Service and the Xdm, XD 45 Tactical Compact and the XD45 Service) are terrific pistols, for competition or Personal Defense.

FH, lifelong former 1911 user, converted
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