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Great lunch break…my first range report.

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I bought an XD-9 service yesterday at the gun show. Today at lunch I packed up the pistol and 100 rounds each of WWB, Remington and CCI. Fed all 300 rounds through this baby with out one hiccup. No Fail To Feeds, No Fails To Extracts or is it Ejects, anyway every time I pulled the trigger she went bang. Accuracy has the potential for being excellent. I was shooting at 15 yards and hitting pretty much where I was aiming. Overall I’m very happy with my latest acquisition.

It must be a European thing. My first love is the CZ 75. We have been together for close to 19 years now. She prefers to guard the home front which is fine with me. I recently met up with a curvy little Italian number by the name of Beretta 9000s. :p She just melts in your hand and loves to travel. She sees a lot of CCW. Now with the addition of this Eastern European number the Beretta may not see as much CCW as she use to. 8)
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You need a Belgian Beauty (Browning Hi-Power) like mine..next...to truly experience European autopistol love.

So many beauties, so little time. Hope Academy keeps the price low on their ammo. :twisted: Always room for one more. :D
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