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Got to shoot the XD for the first time today!

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Well after a couple of weeks of having my XD40 I finally got out to shoot it. I put 100 rds of winchester white box through it along with 10rds of white box hollowpoints and it ran them through flawlessly. I even shot it in the rain and thanks to Macs I had not a spec of rust on the slide 2 days later. I put it in my foam lined case (where it road for 3 days in the car in humid weather) wet and when I got home today it was perfect accept for the grip safety and takedown lever(had light surface rust)

I shot at a gallon bucket(limited stuff to shoot at my house :D ) which I didnt expect to hit right away but emptied first 10 shots at 20-30ft and didnt miss. This amazed me since my previous G19 couldnt hit the side of a barn. For anyone wanting to know what its like to fire a XD it is as everyone says, a easy aimer and shoots great. I love it and cant wait for the 9mm convesion barrel to make shooting a little cheaper.

The one and only complaint/ suggestion for everyone shooting these is to wear hearing protection. 2 days later my left ear is still acting up.
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Hearing protection is important.....heck at least stuff rags in your ears if you have too.

Dont abuse that xd they likt to eat ammo often:)
stretch415 use protection. Not just that kind, but eye and ear protection. You can never reverse the damage that will be done over time or in one quick moment. They are a must, don't fall into bad habits.
Hearing protection!!! Fifty cents now or $3,000 plus later. Ask me how I know.

On occassion I have used toilet paper for hearing protection, 1 full sheet rools up perfect for one ear. just a thought.
Ohh dont worry guys I invested in glasses and ear plugs but for the rest of you out there that havent shot alot make sure to get them also. Seriously my ears finally returned to normal today.

Also anybody still reading this what kind of home defense rounds should I buy? Its an xd40. Make model and grain would be great.
I sometimes find an opportunity to shoot when I don't have my muffs or plugs and I resort to a couple of empty or even loaded shells. The loaded shells, bullet first are the best. I guess I have .40 cal. ear canals. Works perfectly.
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