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After the first five shots, I looked around for the felt recoil. Did it drop on the floor with the shells? Is it hiding in the corner somewhere? I shot five more rounds. I'm still looking for the felt recoil. It just wasn't there. The last time I felt no recoil was when I owned a Walther PK380.

And I didn't remember that people complained about the trigger until I was standing in line waiting to return the gun. So I squeezed the trigger a couple of times. Nope. Didn't bother me a bit.

I also tried the acid test for me - would it fit in my pocket with the longer mag and be hidden. Yes, it would.

And I was very happy with my grouping, off-hand, from 17 feet. I know I can shoot groups as good as I can with my XDM 9 4.5 if I actually owned an XDS 4.0 and practiced a lot.

Hm. Something tells me I'll be adding to my collection later this year. 😃
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